Introducing Digital Fortress

Today, my Partners and I at Meritage Funds announced that we’ve established a new platform in the data center colocation market. Headquartered in Seattle, WA, Digital Fortress operates nearly 50,000 square feet of data center colocation space, focused on delivering high-power density installations to enterprise customers. A  Meritage Funds blog post announcing the investment has much more on our thesis and goals for the investment.

Getting this transaction done was a long an arduous process. In earnest, we began evaluating the Pacific Northwest data center market in October 2010. What we found was a fragmented market that had great supply-demand characteristics. In addition, the market has great power-dynamics, meaning that power is cheap, stable and largely from renewable sources. It blows my mind every time I cite this statistic, but over 95% of the power in metro Seattle is from renewable sources, principally because of the huge hydroelectric energy production in eastern Washington state.

It was easy to see there was a great opportunity for data center operators in the PNW. But, finding an entry point into the market was a bear. Because the market is fragmented, there was no natural starting point. Rather than buying a platform, we would have to create one. In the end, we made that happen by completing the simultaneous acquisitions of two data center operators that happened to be located in the same building. In concept that sounds easy. From first hand experience, I can tell you it was really hard. There were an incredible number of moving parts here, including simultaneous negotiation, documentation and diligence processes on both acquisitions, a debt syndication, an equity syndication, and most importantly, the establishment of a new management team which has the chops to achieve our goals for the investment. In all, executing the transaction took the better part of ten months.

In the end, it was worth it. Overnight, Digital Fortress has become the leading independent colocation provider in its market. We’ve established a strong leadership team with the addition of Mark Hughes (former EVP of Operations at SunGard) as Executive Chairman and Tim Doherty (former CEO of Fortress Colocation) as Chief Corporate Development Officer. Already, the Company is executing its expansion plan with the announcement of a new facility in downtown Seattle. With our equity partners, Halyard Capital and Sweetwater Capital, we have dry powder to fund further organic and acquisition-based expansion plans.

If you believe that the hard things are the most rewarding, then our investment in Digital Fortress is sure to be a success.

For my friends in Seattle, please let me know how Digital Fortress can be a resource to you in your market.

Introducing Digital Fortress